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Tarot Life Path Card Workshop

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If you’ve ever worked with Tarot cards, you may know that you can use numerology to help you understand the meaning behind each card, but did you know it can also help you find your personal Birth Card, also known as your Life Path Card? This card will speak to a lesson or journey you will walk though again and again in different ways as you move through your life. Knowing this card may help you understand your struggles and how to move through them with more ease.

In this workshop you will receive a personalized packet with a reading for your Life Path Card. We will go over the Major Arcana Cards and discuss them in terms of your Birth Cards and how we can use them to self-reflect and understand yourself in a deeper way. We will also discuss how to calculate different cards for different points in your life.

Join us for this event on Wednesday, October 4 at 7pm. We'll start by making custom scented candles (8oz tumbler included in ticket price) and Tiff from A Little Off Balance will lead the workshop. Please provide your birthday in the comments of your order so Tiff can prepare your reading prior to the event.