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1989 Lyric Inspired Candles

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Calling all Swifties! We are so excited about the 1989 (Taylor's Version) release, we decided to make a whole candle collection about it! Each of these scented soy wax candles are poured in our 8oz white tumblers with a black tin lid. 

1- Blank Space (Midnight Noir, Pomegranate, Lily of the Valley)

2- Shake it Off (Patchouli, Incense, Lavender)

3- Style (Vanilla Bean, Amber Musk, Rose Petals)

4- Fragile Little Flame (Campfire, Flannel, Cigar Lounge)

5- Out of the Woods (Adirondacks, Cedar, Cinnamon Spice)

6- How You Get the Girl (Rain, Black Sea, Summer Lawn)

7- Clean (Clothesline, Chardonnay, Bubble Bath)

8- This Love (Sea Salt, Sandalwood, Awapuhi)

9- I Know Places (Aspen Lodge, New Beginnings, Sage)

10- You are in Love (Baked Bread, Maple Syrup, Coffee Bean)

11- Wildest Dreams (Golden Hour, Apricot, Olive Blossom)

12- New Romantics (Champagne, Pink Sugar, Rhubarb)